• 1000037470
    Owner Jeanneau NC 11

    The IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea will now be more enjoyable to navigate

  • Image004
    Pim Ligthard | Senior Technical Superintendent Baggerbedrijf de Boer

    The crew is very happy with it, the ARG is performing beyond expectations

  • Thumbnail
    Willem de Vries | MY Greystorm - Sturiër 520 OC

    With 1 push of a button, the rocking is over.

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    Arthur van Berge Henegouwen | MY Ammerland

    Perfect for inland sailing

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    Marc van Nunen | Super Van Craft 'Chancaro'

    The best retrofit option for our boat

  • MV Astra
    Crew MV Astra

    DMS MagnusMaster on MV Astra

  • Wessels
    Herman Wessels |

    The DMS MagnusMaster functioned flawlessly

  • No image
    Ed de Moor |

    Without DMS, a round of UK was impossible

  • Opstomer 1100
    Jinne Tania | Opstomer 1100

    With the stabiliser on, you can just leave the coffee on the table

  • Grandbanks
    Erik Spindler | Grand Banks

    Operation is easy and you hear nothing

  • Andante 438 OC varend
    Leo van der Heiden | Aquanaut Andante 438

    A great product from a reliable company

  • Beentjes
    Richard Beentjes | Mulder Super Favorite 10.50

    Sailing on big water is not exciting anymore

  • Dave abrams
    Dave Abrams

    First DMS MagnusMaster in the US

  • Install arg
    Elburg Jachtcenter

    Installation of a DMS ARG

  • Anton van den bosch
    Anton van den Bosch | CEO Elling Yachting

    Elling Yachting and DMS Holland