Located at the heart of the Dutch maritime industry, DMS Holland is a high-end specialist in dynamic stabilisation systems. Innovative products such as the DMS MagnusMaster, DMS Universal and DMS AntiRoll have been successfully fitted on hundreds of vessels over the past eight years. Now, with Theo Hoen taking the helm as CEO and new investors providing additional financial support for R&D, DMS Holland is set to take its patented stabiliser technologies to the next level in the superyacht sector. 

The appointment of Theo Hoen as the new CEO, effective 1 September, illustrates the strong ambitions at DMS Holland to set a course for new product development that incorporates the very latest technologies. Hoen has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of poultry processing equipment, an innovative sector in which Dutch companies dominate the global market. In his time at Stork Food Systems, Marel and the Vencomatic Group, Hoen covered a wide range of key manufacturing, R&D and executive roles.

“If there is a red thread that runs through my career it is that I have always strived to be involved with companies on the cutting edge of innovation in their field,” comments Hoen. “This is why I was delighted to take on this new role at DMS Holland, a company that offers highly innovative mechatronic products with clearly identifiable results.’’ 

“I believe in niche markets rather than commodities and in partnering with those who share my commitment to combining quality with innovation and can give energy to each other. Being in the privileged position at this stage of my career to be able to choose where I work, DMS Holland fully meets these selection criteria with good people in place and innovative products with enormous potential.” 

Firm foundations 
Patrick Noor, owner and director of Sales & Marketing is convinced that tapping into Hoen’s decades of machine-building experience will add further value to an ambitious strategy for moving ahead in stabilisation“The DMS brand has quickly gained renown since we started the company in 2012. The DMS MagnusMaster retractable rotor stabiliser for low-speed cruising and semi-displacement yachts up to 30 metres and the DMS Universal operating system are very well-established products. 

“More recently, the DMS AntiRoll for superyachts with its ingenious patented damping system has changed the way people perceive stabilisation. With a new captain at the helm recruiting specialist crew members, we can fully focus on serving clients and Research & Development.” 

Forward thinking
Anticipating this further expansion, DMS had already opened new premises in 2019. The three-story building near Den Bosch has significantly enhanced production capacity and includes an impressive showroom. The company no longer outsources certain elements of production and assembly and is retaining its expertise in-house. This is another reason why Hoen sees major opportunities for DMS to build on the company’s excellent foundations and become the undisputed leader in stabilisation. 

“The DMS MagnusMaster is an exceptionally robust technical solution with over 300 units sold. The company has proven in practice its ability to create groundbreaking solutions and my role will be to ensure the good ship DMS Holland keeps its sights firmly fixed on the horizon. There will be no deviation from the course we are setting as we introduce exceptional new products to the market such as the DMS WaveMaster, which is set to reduce at-anchor roll by 85%.”