“On the way to Den Bosch for the installation of the MagnusMaster stabilisation system we sailed across the IJsselmeer and through the canals. We had wind force 5 and the boat pitched and rolled so badly that the heavy helmsman seat slid back and forth. On the way back we also sailed across the IJsselmeer and through the canals again. This time we had wind force 7-8 from Amsterdam to Lelystad. Had we not just had the MagnusMaster installed, we would never have dared to do have done that. Then came the surprise: Julia went nicely over a 3-4 metre wave. With the stabilisers on, the boat did not make any form of rolling motion. We set sail with a battery voltage of 14.0 volts and despite the extreme use of the stabilisers, we arrived 5 hours later in Lelystad still with 14.0 volts. We are so pleased and feel so safe now that we no longer miss the keel of a sailing boat. The installation by Moonen Shipyards was executed excellently and the support and assistance from DMS Holland was also outstanding. My compliments and congratulations to DMS Holland. We will always continue to recommend them and MagnusMaster.”