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Service and repair

DMS Holland appreciates that satisfied customers come back and that service (or the lack thereof) can often be the breaking point in a long-term relationship with a yacht owner or yard.


At DMS Holland, service is more of a mentality than a department. Things like decency, ‘a promise is a promise’ and doing more than is asked, are our leading principals. To maintain full control over the entire service process, DMS Holland keeps repair, maintenance and service in-house.
Maintenance and repair work can even be carried out on other systems in addition to MagnusMaster and AntiRoll.

The technicians at DMS Holland are passionate experts in the field of ‘motion control’ on board yachts and have solid experience with and knowledge of the various roll damping systems on the market.

DMS Holland is located in Kerkdriel with the Zandmeren recreational area and marina just a stone’s throw away. Maintenance and repair work can take place at DMS Holland. If that isn’t an option for you, we are happy to come to the relevant shipyard or your home port.


From 2012 up to the end of 2015, DMS Holland was the exclusive representative of RotorSwing Marine. During this period, more than 50 RotorSwing roll damping systems were sold and installed. All owners of RotorSwing systems delivered and installed through DMS can come to DMS Holland at any time for service and warranty.