Under the flag of DMS Holland, Arnold van Aken and Patrick Noor, both experts in the field of motion control on board yachts, introduce two groundbreaking roll damping systems to the market. The collaboration between these two gentlemen and the founding of DMS Holland follows successful and established careers in the maritime industry.

Patrick (44) started his career at the Naval Air Service where he also obtained his bachelor degree in electrical engineering. He gained technical sales experience in the fields of laboratory equipment and autonomous energy systems. From 2006 to 2010, Patrick worked throughout Europe as a Sales Engineer for Naiad Dynamics specialising in the roll damping of yachts.

Arnold (46) has a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering as well as General Management degree from the University of Nyenrode. Over a period of 6 years, he fulfilled various technical, commercial and management positions. Following a career change to the maritime industry in 2001 he became General Manager of Koopnautic Holland. In 2008, Arnold made the decision to start his own business which he managed alongside a part-time association with Naiad Marine as European Service Manager and Service Engineer. Two years later in 2010, Arnold turned his attention full time to his own business focusing on various electrical consultancy projects on board super yachts.


At the end of 2011 Arnold founded a new company dedicated to the development of an innovative roll stabilization system for yachts in excess of 30 meters. This system, branded AntiRoll, is now patent-pending and is being further developed in collaboration with MARIN, TNO and TU Delft.

This innovative system not only offers uncompromising performance both cruising and at zero speed, but is also retractable and ‘greener’ than current systems. Furthermore, this is the first system that is also suitable for sailing yachts. DMS Holland is the worldwide and exclusive representative for AntiRoll. “Our aim is to present a prototype of AntiRoll at the Superyacht Pavilion during METS 2013 with DMS Holland,” said Arnold. “Last month, a select group of engineers and designers working in the super yacht industry, had a preview of the concept which generated enthusiastic responses,” adds Patrick.


As well as representing AntiRoll globally, DMS Holland is the European distributor for RotorSwing Marine. RotorSwing is the first electric and retractable roll damping system for yachts up to 30 meters based on the Magnus effect. The big advantages of RotorSwing compared to conventional systems with fins are the higher roll damping at lower speeds and the fact that the rotors are retractable. This makes them much less vulnerable as well as causing less drag than fins. It is even possible to mount the rotor at the stern which, in particular for fast-moving yachts, may be preferable. “We are delighted with the appointment of DMS Holland as our distributor. There is no better alliance for RotorSwing . Arnold and Patrick’s vast knowledge of stabilizers and years of experience in the industry are a very valuable asset for us” says Theo Koop, founder of RotorSwing Marine BV and the former Koopnautic Holland.

RotorSwing Marine and DMS Holland have opened a sales and service office in Raamsdonkveer, on the banks of the river Maas. It is at this facility that sea trials can be arranged by appointment using the demonstration yacht.

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