New build yacht equipped with AntiRoll

With the green light given for the go ahead of a new 56m expedition yacht that will be equipped with AntiRoll, Monaco Yacht Show 2016 could not have got off to a better start for DMS Holland (QAB6). This new build project is based on a design by Hoek Design Naval Architects and will be managed by Master Yachts Consultancy.

Hoek Design Naval Architects and AntiRoll together on ‘expedition’

AntiRoll is DMS Holland’s innovative and high-tech stabilization system. It provides uncompromised performance at both zero speed and whilst cruising all from just one single system thanks to its dual axis, high-aspect ratio fins. This patented system provides safety and comfort based on technical ingenuity without the compromises experienced with traditional systems. It is a revolutionary innovation in the best sense of Dutch maritime tradition. To this end, in 2014, DMS Holland received the Maritime Innovation Award for AntiRoll.

DMS Holland is proud of the trust placed in AntiRoll and looks forward to working together with Hoek Design. Founded in 1986 by André Hoek, Hoek Design is now one of the world’s leading firms for yacht design, naval architecture and engineering. Based at the heart of the Dutch yacht building industry, it offers a comprehensive range of styles, from truly classic to ultra-modern. Superbly balanced with top performances to match, all Hoek yachts are created by a highly experienced team using the latest design tools.

With this latest project, Hoek Design more exceeds its vision of excellence. For DMS Holland, this joint ‘expedition’ adds an extra dimension to both companies’ drive for innovation, balance and peak performance.
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