It is with great pride that both Linssen Yachts and DMS Holland announce that, as of July 2017, their cooperation, which originally started when DMS Holland was established back in December 2012, is now officially recognised under the title of “Preferred Supplier”. Linssen Yachts’ dealers and potential customers now find the MagnusMaster stabilisers on their price list as standard.

“During the first few years of our cooperation extensive testing was carried out with the MagnusMaster system. Since then we now have a number of satisfied owners who are sailing around with a MagnusMaster system on board”, says Yvonne Linssen, co-owner of Linssen Yachts.

Patrick Noor (DMS Holland): “It is only natural of course that we were not put on the Linssen Yachts option list straight away with our MagnusMaster systems when we presented our new stabilisers for the first time. Such a well-oiled company and series yacht builder like Linssen Yachts is not going be to be rushed under any circumstances. First the system had to be extensively tested and only then could it be offered. Mutual patience and respect for each other have been fundamental in achieving a long term cooperation and that result can now be seen in the fact that we can call ourselves a Linssen Yachts preferred supplier. It is not only our products that are seen as stable by Linssen Yachts but also our company and we see that as a very big compliment.” Patrick Noor, co-owner of DMS Holland together with Arnold van Aken.

MagnusMaster to be a standard option from the GS 40.0 series and above
Aside from the fact that the MagnusMaster system provides a great many number of reasons for why Linssen Yachts have chosen this reliable stabilisation system, such as it is electric, retractable, can operate at very low speeds, is maintenance-free and has a CAN-bus system, it is a couple of specific features that has made sure that the system will now also be included in the price list as an option for the GS 40.0 series, namely its compact size and flexible installation options.

“We have been recently asked more and more by our customers whether we could incorporate the stabilisation system into smaller Linssen yachts. Even though a 1 rotor system already provides a huge benefit in being compact, this was not the only deciding factor when it came to offering the MagnusMaster stabilisation system as an option for the GS 40.0 series. A 1 rotor MagnusMaster system is also much more attractively priced, which of course provides the customer with a great extra advantage”, says Yvonne Linssen.

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