DMS Holland is the international specialist in the field of stabilisers for luxury yachts. Reducing the rolling motion of a vessel greatly improves onboard comfort, reduces seasickness and increases safety. When a vessel experiences no rolling or hardly any rolling, it is able to maintain a better course, which in turn has a positive effect on the fuel consumption. Well-functioning stabilisers on board of a yacht are therefore of great importance. DMS Holland has two such products within its portfolio. These unique and groundbreaking roll damping systems are better known as AntiRoll, for yachts in excess of 30 metres, and MagnusMaster, for yachts up to 30 metres.

IBN (Integrale Bedrijven Noordoost-Brabant) is one of the largest employers in the northeast of North Brabant. IBN provides opportunities to people who, without their help and support, would not successfully manage or find employment in the job market. Almost 3,600 motivated employees have found a suitable job at or through IBN. IBN Productie in Cuijk, the production company division of IBN, works according to the so-called Lean methodology. This is an improvement method that is aimed at minimising waste. By waste we mean things that do not add customer value. This increases production quality and reduces production costs, which in turn leads to an improvement in the company’s performance as well as an increase in satisfied customers and employees. DMS Holland has been working with this amazing and incredibly social-focussed company since the initial development and start of the production of their MagnusMaster stabilisers.

Once the operating system for the MagnusMaster had been developed in-house by co-owner Arnold van Aken (also responsible for Production within DMS Holland), DMS Holland was looking for a good and reliable party to produce these control systems in series. In essence, it was namely about the assembly and construction of the various electronic components such as drives, sensors, switches, fuses and all related wiring into a standard housing. (see photo IBN)

Since making the decision to work with IBN, the quality of the work that IBN and its employees has delivered, and continues to do so, has more than proven itself. DMS Holland is now selling more and more MagnusMaster stabilisation systems and the production of the operating systems has had to be scaled up. IBN has shown that it more than capable of handling this. On March 20th 2018, co-owner Patrick Noor visited the location where the production of this not-so-simple product takes place. The purpose of the visit was to express his satisfaction with their work. The visit started out with an extensive look around the facility and meeting the team. Not only did Patrick treat the employees to delicious ‘Bossche Bollen’, the local delicacy, and present them all with a DMS Holland cap, but he also wanted to get them engaged with and learn more about the final product, the MagnusMaster. MagnusMaster systems are now supplied to very satisfied yacht owners on a weekly basis and it was important for DMS Holland that the IBN employees could see the impact their work has. A film was shown to the IBN staff to explain how the stabilisation system works and also to show the history behind the origin of this product. Furthermore, they got to hear from and see a number of happy owners in the film. “At the end of the presentation I told the employees that, thanks to their efforts, there are already a lot of yachts sailing around the world and, because of their work, these owners are no longer seasick. The connection with people is absolutely what makes you happy as a business owner. We can of course see that through our own customers, but also very much so here at IBN and with their employees. We are therefore very grateful, and most certainly so proud, that we, as a dynamic and very young company, can and are able to contribute to this social sustainability. Despite the fact that our company exists because of money and luxury yachts, there is really more to business and life”, says Patrick Noor.

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