In September last year, DMS started the development of its U-S-B system. This was developed as a replacement for old stabilisation control systems that had become or were becoming obsolete due to the discontinuation of parts. In the second week of April, the first new DMS U-S-B system will be delivered to its owner with underway control only as this vessel is equipped with a separate gyro-zero speed system. Earlier on in the year, DMS received another order for a U-S-B system that this time would in fact include zero speed functionality as well. Onboard of MY Il Sole, a 40-metre Benetti, there were problems with the old FAL124 SeaRocq KoopNautic control system that, via two still well working Naiad 404 units, controlled 2 x 2m2 fins. In collaboration with DMS Spain, Willem Jobse and the shipyard Port Dénia where MY Il Sole is serviced every year, it was decided to not only operate the existing fins via the new DMS U-S-B system for underway, but also to add a new zero speed function. MY Il Sole is often chartered by the owner to clients who regularly request it. By extending the hydraulic system with extra power from a pump-motor combination, zero speed is made possible. The system will of course have its limits compared to those systems that have special zero speed units and fins.

“Everything has its price. The owner of MY Il Sole did not have to think about this investment for very long. The captain and her crew were also very happy with this solution. It gives the option to certainly move forward. They have indicated that they will look at saving for the possible replacement of the system in the future with the beautiful AntiRoll system which is now ready for a second order,” says Willem Jobse, from Dénia. “At the beginning of May we will deliver the DMS U-S-B system with zero speed functionality to the yard and the owner of MY Il Sole. From my own experience I know that this is possible with standard underway units and fins. Especially with the Naiad units which are known for their strength and quality. They have also proven themselves on this yacht for many years. Needless to say, we give restrictions on the maximum speed at which the fins will move and thus also the maximum waves and frequency at which the total system will deliver a good performance,” explains Arnold van Aken, who developed the DMS USB system in its entirety from his ‘own home’.

“Arnold has thought very carefully about the future and the wishes of our customers. It is why the system only uses components that are standard and available everywhere so that customers do not fall short in a few years time and so they can expect a fast and affordable service from DMS and its suppliers,” says Patrick Noor.