DMS Holland has developed a Configurator which is available on the website — a feature not often found amongst suppliers of stabilisation systems.
The DMS Configurator ( is designed to help you make the right choice from our various range of stabilisers. In a 5 step process, you will go through a number of questions about your yacht. In turn, the Configurator presents a photo of a suggested comparable yacht. You are then able to indicate whether or not this photo is in fact equivalent to your own yacht, so that you can be sure that the correct solution for your stabilisation problem is recommended. You then go on to choose from the options of when you require stabilisation —  for a slow sailing yacht, fast sailing yacht, or at Zero Speed. Finally, the Configurator asks whether the system is for installation on a new build and that if it is to be installed on an existing yacht, whether there is already an existing stabilisation system on board. Based on all the information provided, the configurator recommends the best DMS Holland stabiliser for your requirements. Should you wish, you then have the option to leave your contact details, after which you can request additional advice or a no obligation quote.
The DMS Configurator is where enjoying comfortable trips with your yacht begins.