Ship Install has been responsible for the construction and dismantling of motor yachts, sailing yachts and professional vessels for 16 years. They specialise in yacht maintenance and provide an excellent breakdown service. They also refurbish yachts back to new with their refit work. DMS Holland is therefore very proud to be able to add Ship Install to their list of new customers. With a core team of eight experienced specialists and a versatile and flexible layer of temporary personnel, Ship Install delivers masterful maritime quality. Under the motto ‘Each their own trade, but we work together’, they have already made unique collaborations with other companies in the past, jointly carrying out every conceivable work requirement for yachts. Each of these collaborations have all had one thing in common: a love of watersports and pride in their trade! DMS Holland gladly joins in on this collective and their motto, which fits in well with DMS Holland’s own philosophy. Last week, we were delighted to receive our first order from Ship Install for the retrofit of a MagnusMaster system on MY Philea. This vessel is owned by a KNMC member who bought this 60ft Convoyager without stabilisers. Having already sailed a lot on inland waterways, the decision was taken to embark upon larger trips out on the sea. The first trip is planned for this summer, together with a larger group through the travel organisation travel Ocean People, which offers fantastic experiences. In January 2019, Ship Install, together with DMS Holland, will install the MagnusMaster system at the yard in Heusden. To be continued.