Project 54 is packed with innovation, including a revolutionary scoop. The shipyard listened carefully to its customers and looked at recent developments in yacht building and beyond”, says Louis Jousma. “People are used to more and more luxury and comfort. At home, but also on holiday. We are now translating that into a new top model,” adds Bastiaan.

DMS AntiRollingGyro
The top model of Super Lauwersmeer will be fitted with an AntiRollingGyro from DMS Holland. The 16.5 metre long ship is actively stabilised by the DMS AntiRollingGyro 250T.

Added Value DMS
Years of experience as a stabilisation specialist makes DMS the ideal partner for various yacht builders. There is only one suitable product for each type of vessel and customer requirement.

The decisive factor for Super Lauwersmeer was that DMS is able to create a stabilisation system that is virtually maintenance-free and suitable for long-term navigation at sea. With the addition of this product, the unique characteristics of the hull shape remain intact.
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