Together, Paul Matthijssen (53) and Yvonne Kuijpers (52) form OceanPeople. It is a company which has been around since September 2001 when Paul and Yvonne created Adventure Cruising. For more than 15 years they have cruised the coasts of Southern Norway to Spain and Portugal, around Great Britain and the Azores with many different participants and experienced many adventures together with them. Their love for travelling and sailing the seas has always been there and has only grown with time. It is why they say nothing other than: ‘We are OceanPeople! Sailing, sailing, sailing, that is our lust and life’. That is why they turned their hobby into their profession. Fun work, but also very serious work because, as they understand all too well, they are continuously busy with the hobby of others. That is why they are very meticulous in their services. Anyone who reads the above and knows DMS Holland as a stabiliser specialist, whether as an end customer or as a yard, will certainly recognise many similarities. Both companies have a passion for sailing on the sea and the conviction that this must be accompanied by a sense of responsibility and focus on service. And so, DMS wants to make a shout out for this great company and their initiative to get more and more yacht owners acquainted with sailing on the sea. Many of our customers have already done this but we are sure that many more will and shall continue to follow. For more information visit where you can sign up for the Solent Tour or the London Tour in 2019 or for a first trial on the sea in 2020 to Ameland!