On Wednesday 15th January, DMS Holland opened up their facilities in Kerkdriel to the Dutch association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers (Nederlandse Bond van Makelaars in Schepen, also know as NBMS). The association’s ship brokers and members of the board gathered in the DMS Holland showroom where they were welcomed with coffee and petit fours. Once the members had had a chance to catch up with one another, DMS Directors Arnold and Patrick gave a presentation to the group about stabilisers. During this master class, all kinds of topics were discussed in relation to stabilisation including the numerous advantages of stabilisation as well as the many types and sizes of stabilisers available on the market, both past and present. Two hours later and the crowd was still going strong — nobody had drifted off to sleep!  It grabbed the attention of the group until the very end, brought only to a halt when the chairman of the NBMS had to intervene to get the drinks reception started! The members of the NBMS moved onto the New Year’s reception, taking a load of newly acquired knowledgeable with them as they enjoyed a glass of bubbles, nibbles and refreshments to set the New Year off to a great start.