As a result of our company’s growth and the expected continued growth in the short and medium term, we are relocating to a facility better suited to our current and future needs. Our fantastic new location is situated not far from Den Bosch, after all, as a mari-time company, DMS Holland naturally likes to stay close to water. We are therefore pleased to announce that as of July 1st 2019, DMS Holland will be located at Uitingstraat 20B, Kerkdriel.

The building is located in the middle of the ‘Bommelerwaard’ and is within walking dis-tance of ‘De Zandmeren’, a recreational hotspot for many water sports enthusiasts. The new location extends over no less than three floors and features various office and mee-ting rooms as well as a workshop with a warehouse. The spacious 100 m² modular show-room is located on the top floor. By means of a very large scissor lift, the now numerous varying demo models can easily be brought in and out of the showroom, meaning they can be retrieved and used for the many exhibitions in which DMS participates.

“Given that our company is scaling up considerably with the production of MagnusMaster systems, we decided to already make provisions for a production space. In the future we will be able to carry out the assembly of the systems in-house as opposed to outsourcing this as we currently do.This will give us even more control over the production process, quality and delivery times,” explains Arnold van Aken.

“We are very happy with these huge and wonderful steps that reflect the fact that this company is growing in a very healthy way. An added bonus is that both Arnold and I have an affinity with Kerkdriel. Arnold was born just around the corner and for seven years, I even worked in the building which is now to form DMS Holland’s new home,” says Patrick Noor.