Last week, DMS Holland received an order for the delivery of a MagnusMaster stabilisation system for a very special project. 20 years ago, Wil and Marja de Ruiter who both work in the superyacht industry at the world-famous Feadship, bought a sturdy fishing inspection vessel that was, step by step and both inside and out, converted into a beautiful cutter for their family. The fact that Wil knows just what a yacht should look like on the inside and how it should be finished is evident when you step on board. Together with their sons Thomas and Ruben, the family has already enjoyed many amazing trips on the water. In 2018 they made a beautiful tour through the Norwegian fjords. The picture from the Lysefjord shows the water at its best and the beautiful waterfalls as they splash past MY Raaf. These are memorable and enjoyable experiences for the family.
“To be able to reach such beautiful areas and then to be back in time in the Netherlands for work and school unfortunately meant that this year, the experiences on a sea that in fact made our vessel sway a lot, were at times less fun. In the past, when MY Raaf would have been out sailing in harsh weather with tough fishing inspectors on board around the waters of Zeeland, a rolling ship was perhaps not a problem. However, my wife and I decided this was something we did not want to experience anymore. Especially not when dangerous situations arise with your own children on board. This is and always will be about pleasure and is our biggest hobby and we would like to keep it that way,” explains Wil de Ruiter. “In mid November, our boat, which we are very careful with and proud of, will be going to Den Bosch where the MagnusMaster stabilisation system will be installed at Moonen Shipyards. We had seen this system from DMS Holland in Düsseldorf at the boat show and it grabbed our attention immediately because it is retractable. So once the decision was made during the holiday that we would have stabilisers installed, things went very quickly. Following a first appointment at the company in Den Bosch and then shortly afterwards, a visit from them to us on board, we immediately had a lot of trust in them,” says Marja de Ruiter.

“We already know that the De Ruiter family will be able to sail their 60-tonne boat, even in bad weather, with just 7 to 8 knots cruising speed with much more comfort on their next planned holiday to Sweden, but they still have to experience it for themselves. That is why we sell our wonderful product with so much pleasure,” says Patrick Noor.