Nowadays the traditional Grand Banks boats such as this 47ft are sadly no longer produced. However, there are still a lot of them cruising the waters. Despite the fact that these are seaworthy Trawlers that often travel long distances across the various oceans, many of these vessels are not equipped with stabilisers. That is why the owner of MY Fina Ida is the latest Grand Banks owner to opt for a DMS system, this time being the MagnusMaster system thanks to its compact size and the very simple electrical installation. In addition, the benefit of the rotors providing very high damping at low speeds makes it the ideal companion to stand up to its sailing characteristics. “Because we can also reach a speed of 20 knots with this Grand Banks, we have also ordered the ‘speed log interface’. This means the owner won’t have to remember to ‘park’ the rotors when he is going to sail a little faster”, explains Oskar Nilsson of Supreme Marien AB from Stockholm who will install the system in Sweden in cooperation with DMS Holland. Initial work will get underway in December, namely strengthening the hull where the units will be installed. The plan is for the boat to return to water in March 2019 followed by sea trials.