At the beginning of February 2019, Holterman Shipyard got started with a special boat from their new model range. Based on the existing Holterman 53 Commander model, the swim platform is to be extended by more than half a metre. The interior will be designed by a well-known Dutch designer. Having already previously built a vessel for this Dutch customer, Holterman Shipyard is naturally very happy and proud to be building a new yacht for them. DMS Holland is in turn very proud to have been given the assignment of supplying its MagnusMaster stabilisers. The owners of the new build vessel visited Boot Düsseldorf to verify whether the yard had made the right choice. “The owners have already had a lot of enjoyment on their previous boat which was equipped with fin stabilisers that they were very satisfied with. As the plans they have now have include making more and longer trips and perhaps even sail inland to France, the yard’s choice for the DMS system has been confirmed,” says Patrick Noor. In March of this year, construction of the hull will start. At the end of this year / early next year, DMS will install the MagnusMaster system and it is expected that this new Holterman will even set sail before the new sailing season gets underway in 2020. To be continued.