The Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful sailing area and Greece, with all its idyllic islands, is amongst the favourites for many. It is therefore hardly surprising, that there are many beautiful yachts to be found there including the royal yacht MY Stalca. Built in 1971 by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, MY Stalca’s name derives from the first two letters of each of the royal couple’s children’s first names: Caroline, Albert and Stéphanie. In 2016/2017, this impressive yacht was completely refitted. So much so that it could almost be considered a complete rebuild and yet the original charm of the 25 metre yacht was perfectly retained. Amongst the changes made during the refit was a great deal of new equipment but no list is complete without a good stabiliser.

In 2019, Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts — international broker in the field of Dutch built yachts ranging from 20 and 50 metres — sold the former royal yacht. With over 45 years of experience and an extensive database, Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts has all the knowledge and information related to the history and details of more than 3000 yachts, as well as expertise in the sometimes complicated, international sales processes and legalities.

During a sea trial on a yacht already equipped with a MagnusMaster stabiliser, the new owner of the former royal yacht was immediately convinced by the system. In addition to the fact that the MagnusMaster will greatly increase the sailing pleasure for the owners themselves, it is also expected that the installation of this stabilisation system will have a positive influence on the charter prospects. Thanks to DMS Greece, the MagnusMaster will be installed in Piraeus, Greece. MY Stalca will remain in Athens all summer before heading to Corfu.