Last week, DMS Holland received its very first order from Kurt Healy, owner of DMS Asia Pacific, for the delivery of a MagnusMaster system in Hong Kong. The system will be installed on a 2017 Elling E4 in approximately 2 months time. The owner of the boat had indicated that he wanted more comfort on board whilst cruising to and around the many islands surrounding the impressive Hong Kong Island in his spare time. “As I am just starting to slow things down a little and no longer have to do everything on time and against the clock, I want to be able to calmly and steadily enjoy sailing. Just nice and relaxed, cruising at some 7 knots, maximum 8, with a very low fuel consumption and minimal noise. I have unfortunately experienced that, without stabilisers, sailing at these speeds cis in fact not very relaxing. I quickly tired of the rocking on board. I went onto look for a well-functioning and suitable stabilisation system that was fairly easy to retro-fit. The fact that only two weeks have been planned for the installation of my system in Hong Kong still needs to be seen to be believed!” Says Raymond Li, owner of the Elling E4 named MY Ginger. To be continued.