DMS’ universal operating system is a resounding success! One of the advantages of the DMS Universal is its great versatility; it can be applied to any type and size of yacht with fin stabilisers. With a fin stabilisation system, the condition of the hardware often outlives that of the operating system. The problem is that spare parts for a broken or obsolete operating systems can be hard to find and are sometimes even no longer available despite the fact the fins themselves still function well. The only option used to be to buy a completely new stabilisation system but not any more! DMS has the solution; with the DMS Universal, customers can continue to use their existing hardware whilst only the operating system itself is completely renewed. And the new operating system even allows for the addition of zero-speed functionality. DMS wishes owners and passengers lots of stable sailing enjoyment with their (prospective) updated stabilisers!

M/Y Secret Love, Amels, 36,5m

M/Y Khalil, Cammenga de Vries, 19,8m

M/Y Najade, Feadship, 28,1m

M/Y Raymond du Puy, Benetti, 25m

M/Y Ate Ja III, Seastar Shipping N.V., 19m M/Y Il Sole, Benetti, 44,6m