Following the international expansion of the DMS team in Germany and France, many other areas are now set to follow. In the very near future, you can expect to see DMS Adriatic, DMS Greece, DMS Spain, DMS Sweden and DMS Turkey. A number of these countries are already active and have already won their first orders. DMS is looking forward to a long-term relationship and growth together with these countries. “Unity is strength is certainly the right saying in this case and means that if people work together they can achieve a lot. Within the next 5 years, DMS will be a well-known name in the yacht building industry worldwide and will be seen as ‘the specialist’ in the field of stabilisers for yachts and other vessels. By giving each country the same image, knowledge and strength as initially built up at DMS Holland, our various brands will always receive the appreciation they deserve and existing and new potential customers will recognise and remember us as the ‘Masters in Stabilisation’. Whether it concerns the smaller displacement yachts or boats, fast sailing, super- and / or mega yachts, we become one large, strong family that stands for quality and reliability,” according to Patrick Noor & Arnold van Aken. To be continued.