DMS Holland is pleased to announce that the Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is now available as part of their complete yacht stabilisation product range. With immediate effect, this Dutch company specialising in yacht stabilisation solutions – will act as a distributor for the Benelux and Scandinavian (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) regions.

The ARG is a gyro stabiliser featuring proven technology by Mitsubishi for space station stabilisation. It guarantees zero speed stability for fast and slow cruising yachts and is suitable for all hull shapes.

Better onboard comfort is central to the performance of the ARG. Operation is substantially quieter than other gyros on the market and gives optimal results faster. Further benefits include faster operability, considerably shorter ‘read-out’ times and a better response to higher waves thanks to the larger 180 degree gimbal angle resulting in the torque output being the highest in the market.

With the ARG, product quality has certainly not been compromised to achieve a higher performance. The technology and quality developed for a space station has been incorporated into these ARGs for yachts. Furthermore, the streamlined design complexity has ensured enhanced durability of components and construction meaning reduced parts and maintenance, longer service intervals and lower production costs.

Installation is also straight-forward with no need for any hull penetrations, water cooling or hydraulics. This makes the ARG ideal for both new build and retrofit and the price / performance ratio makes the ARG equally as attractive being upto 40% cheaper than comparable market alternatives.

“We are delighted to be a distributor for the ARG and to welcome these gyros to the DMS Holland product range. The ARG has seen success across multiple industry sectors since its introduction in 1981. From space station stabilisation to commercial navigation and motor yachts, it is a gyro renowned for his high quality and durability. Qualities that perfectly align with the DMS proposition to guarantee the absolute best in terms of stabilisation, so that everyone’s stay on board is as carefree, comfortable and safe as possible with the risk of seasickness kept to a minimum.” Patrick Noor, Director Sales and Marketing DMS Holland.