Back in March, DMS Holland once again organised the DMS Experience Days. An event during which interested parties had the opportunity to join a sea trial onboard a yacht equipped with MagnusMaster. (READ MORE)

The DMS Experience Days generated huge interest and in the end 18 parties were able to experience the MagnusMaster on open water. Due to the great interest in the event and limited number of spaces available for a sea trial, we unfortunately had to disappoint a number of interested parties.

The sea trials took place on a beautiful and comfortable Linssen GS 45.0, m/y Great Glen, made available to us by Sanzi Yacht Charter. During a week with very changeable weather conditions, 3 sea trials, each lasting more than 2 hours, were planned per day. The yacht was handed over to Patrick and Rens, our enthusiastic DMS DEMO team, on Friday 19 March. Both experienced helmsmen, with whom the ship and the guests were in good hands.

Thanks to the warm hospitality of Sanzi Yacht Charter, the guests and crew lacked for nothing, including the excellent catering which they also provided.

On the Saturday morning, the first sea trial got underway from Volendam. The expectant guests were welcomed on board with coffee and a clear explanation about the system, after which they immediately sailed onto the Markermeer where the system was demonstrated. Due to the rough weather conditions on the IJsselmeer, it soon became apparent that the stabilisers had to be switched on, so that sailing could be carried out comfortably and safely. Exactly what they are intended for. When there was not enough wave action, the system was able to swing the m/y Great Glen from side to side to demonstrate its powerful performance.

A number of new colleagues from DMS Holland and the distributor for the United States were also present during the sea trial and were able to experience how well the MagnusMaster does its job.

The Sunday was used to sail from Volendam, through Amsterdam to IJmuiden, and from there to set course across the North Sea to the port of Scheveningen. During this crossing, the crew was only too happy to use the stabilisers given the high waves. It was precisely because of those waves that Scheveningen turned out to be the perfect base for the sea trials.

In the week that followed, many interested guests, who wanted to experience first-hand what the MagnusMaster was capable of before purchasing, were welcomed on board. There was sufficient time to answer all questions about the system’s functionality and to alleviate any doubts regarding the installation options.

The guests were, above all, surprised that the MagnusMaster system requires such little installation space. The DEMO crew only received positive reactions from the guests, who were all impressed by the system’s performance. It goes without saying of course that the sea trials were Corona-proof.

During the last weekend of the event, the return trip from Scheveningen to Sneek was made and that was no walk in the park.  Waves of 2 to 3 metres high and stormy gusts up to 8 Ft. on the North Sea off Scheveningen.

That morning whilst sailing out, the crew was called by the coast guard. The question was whether they were aware of what the weather was like off shore and whether it would not be better to stay in the harbour. The answer was short and sweet; “we’re aware of it, but the boat can handle it and we have the MagnusMaster as extra security.”  It is fair to say that the stabilisers had to work hard to keep the Linssen stable against the harsh conditions. However the two together turned out to be a great combination and so the crew confidently set course for IJmuiden.

Fortunately, at IJmuiden, back on the North Sea Canal, things calmed down a bit.

It turned out to be a very successful edition of the Experience Days and definitely worth repeating. We were able to let many people experience the operation of our MagnusMaster stabiliser system and inspire with them with its performance. A number of guests have since purchased a system because the sea trials convinced them of the added value for their yacht.

Would you like to experience the performance of the MagnusMaster stabilisers for yourself? Let us know and we will invite you to the next edition of the DMS Holland Experience Days.