With the development of the AntiRoll All-In-One being postponed and the yard in Aalst ready and waiting for a stabilisation system that can easily be retrofitted on their E4 vessels, the “intellectual elite” were put together resulting in the development of the MagnusMaster E-Series in collaboration with Elling Yachts. Anton van den Bos always sticks to his principles: when sailing fast you need as little resistance as possible under the hull of the ship and therefore absolutely no fins or rotors. That is why DMS came up with the wonderful idea of retracting the rotor behind the transom when not required, for example during fast sailing or if the ship is in the harbour. “Our Elling E4 customers ask, on the whole, for stabilisation whilst underway and at low speeds, meaning we are extremely pleased with this development. As of October 1st this year, we can finally offer our customers an affordable, simple and therefore brilliant solution. The MagnusMaster stabilisation system can also be retrofitted and easily mounted on the transom and easily maintained. From the moment you turn the system on, it works and even from just 3 knots. It has been calculated that, on average, the system delivers about an 85% roll reduction, and more than 90% from 7.5 knots. At present, no other supplier achieves this under the same conditions”, says Anton van den Bos. “Together with Elling Yachts and especially for E4 customers, we have so-called pre-ordering terms. These are very attractive and give priority to the first 10 customers who have the system installed in the Netherlands. For more information you can contact both DMS Holland in Den Bosch and Elling Yachts in Aalst,” says Patrick Noor.