During the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Australia, we met Sam Harris, owner of VMS (Vessel Management Services) from Auckland, New Zealand, for the first time. Since then, and now a dealer for DMS Asia Pacific in New Zealand, Sam has already sold his first MagnusMaster system. Having worked as both a captain and as an engineer, Sam has enormous experience on board of boats. As well as working on luxury charter yachts and ferries, he also served in the Royal Navy in New Zealand for 10 years. “I was frequently asked by my customers if I could supply stabilisers or advise them on this. Working with specialists is always my preference and that is what I found in DMS. After only 1 week, I had already sold the first system to the owner of MY Tawaki. The system will be installed within a few weeks. As a dealer for DMS we have already collaboratively registered for the Auckland Boat Show in October. We will be showing our products there to the general public for the first time. We are very proud to be able to sell DMS’ innovative stabilisers here in New Zealand and make our customers happy because of them. We have something very unique in our hands. We also receive great support from DMS Asia Pacific, led by Kurt Healy, which is vital when it comes to such an important part of the yacht,” explains Sam. “After our meeting at the trade show in Australia, I quickly realised that Sam not only talks a good talk but knows exactly what he is talking about and can deliver as well. His approach fills me with confidence for a bright future in this beautiful country with a very large potential market that continues to grow,” explains Kurt Healy, owner of DMS Asia Pacific.