De Boarnstream International has been including the MagnusMaster system in their new builds ever since its launch back in 2015. However this yard does a lot more than just new builds. You’ll also find “Non-Boarnstream boats” at this beautiful shipyard for storage and maintenance. Only last week, did they receive the order for the installation of a two rotor MagnusMaster system on a 14 metre Smelne motor yacht called Holiday. The sea trials for the boat are even planned for this year. The owner sails all year long, summer and winter, to Great Britain or Scandinavia. This was exactly the reason for them wanting to retrofit stabilisers. The selection of MagnusMaster was made together with the yard. “We are seeing a significant increase and demand for more and more comfort products on board and stabilisers are currently a hot item in this category. Because of the well working and established cooperation already in place with DMS from the new builds, the choice for us as a yard was made very quickly. Having now established this project as our first retro fit, we will certainly be looking forward to more projects especially given our customer base and the demand for stabilisers. The system can even be installed within just two weeks!” Bertus van der Lende, Project Manager, De Boarnstream.