In April 2018, from the beautiful island of Rügen, DMS Germany was established by Dutchman John Kappetijn who has been working in Germany for 33 years. Since then, we have already seen good progress having actively taken part in the smaller and local exhibitions in Germany such as the Hanseboot Ancora Show in Neustadt and the Hennings Yachtvertrieb Show in Papenburg. “Patrick had already indicated that we would have to wait until January for the main show, namely Boot Düsseldorf, where we would not only meet many German owners, but people from all over the world. I now know, from my own experience, that this was no word of a lie. What we received in terms of leads and orders was unbelievable. I can already confirm 3 signed and paid orders for various retrofits of the MagnusMaster system on existing boats”, explains a very satisfied John Kappetijn.

“We really were a super team where not only our own colleagues from the Netherlands came to support us because it was so busy, but also DMS France, DMS Sweden and DMS Greece were present on our stand on different days. De Boarnstream was also active with the retro-fit market from the Netherlands and even sold a MagnusMaster system directly to an owner of a 20 metre plus Van Der Heijden yacht. We can therefore certainly speak about a very successful show and a first great cooperation in Düsseldorf with DMS Germany. The fact that next year we will be needing a full-time hostess throughout the show, so that John no longer needs to act as the coffee-maker as well, is clear in any case. Our existing and new potential customers were right at home when it came to professional advice on stabilisation. It is not without good reason that our slogan is ‘Masters in Stabilisation’ ” according to proud co-owner, Patrick Noor. “The combination of a good product with very good service and project support both home and abroad is now starting to produce positive results. People no longer immediately ask for the price but for delivery times and have already heard about our high quality from third parties. That makes us sincerely very proud and is incredibly rewarding, not only for us, but especially for the customer. Whilst we continue to grow, quality will remain our number 1 priority. We would rather turn down the chance of a deal than deliver a bad project,” says Rens van Hal, the DMS project and service engineer who all the more frequently flies the world over to supervise projects on location.