“Good work needs time”. This also applied to the first AntiRoll Superyacht project. At the end of 2013, the then young DMS Holland received its first order to deliver an AntiRoll stabilisation system. The order came from Wim van der Valk Yachts in Waalwijk for a beautiful 37 metre and 250 tonne Trawler later known as “Santa Maria T”.

Market interest and appreciation was high: in that same year, AntiRoll was nominated for a Dame Award and even received a “Special Mention”. A year later, this unique dual-axis stabiliser, which had since been patented, was launched at METS 2014 and AntiRoll went on to win the prestigious “Maritime Innovation Award”. This provided a huge boost for the further development and marketing of the product.

The detailed engineering for Santa Maria T was carried out in close collaboration with renowned companies such as Bosch Rexroth and Brabant Engineering. In fact, an innovative hydraulic clamp bush for the changeover between AntiRoll’s underway and zero speed fin movements was specifically developed for the system by DMS Holland in collaboration with its partners and with the support the received OP Zuid (Operational Programme South Netherlands) subsidy from RVO (Regional Development Fund). With such a revolutionary product some teething problems were of course to be expected. Despite the fact that some of these were persistent, all parties involved remained optimistic and dedicated and, as a result, this year the system was delivered fully functioning and to the satisfaction of the owner. For an independent confirmation of its performance, MARIN was asked to thoroughly test the system at sea before the 2018 boating season. Below you will find a small part from the positive report in the form of a video showing a “forced roll” at zero speed. The video shows Santa Maria T being rolled by almost 10 degrees by the flapping of the fins, and that as soon as the system switches to “stabilise”, the rolling disappears very quickly meaning the system is able to dampen the roll movements caused by the waves very well.

“Good work therefore really does need time, and luckily we received that time and cooperation”, confirm Patrick Noor and Arnold van Aken who are on the look out for the next AntiRoll customer. “Whoever wants to have the very best performance alongside all the other unique selling points for their superyacht really ought to come to us. We deliver, above all, Dutch High Quality!”

The system has since completed a successful sailing season.

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