The Netherlands has been enjoying amazing weather recently. Naturally, this has meant that everyone has wanted to get out sailing nice and early on season wise. It is perhaps therefore no surprise that this has also become an extremely busy delivery period! From the end of April up to and including the end of July it has certainly become clear, to DMS Holland at least, that our water sports customers are looking forward to getting out on the water again. The list below shows an impressive line up of 18 vessels, all delivered and commissioned in the recent 3 month period. DMS Holland wishes each and every one of these boat owners a safe and stable journey.

MY Ocean Camp, Steeler NG59 S-Line

MY Mare-N, Vripack Luxe Motor 19 meter

MY Morgenstond, Stentor Luxe Motor 21 meter

MY Wing V, Bruijs Spiegelkotter 13,5 meter 

MY Allegra, Veno 53

MY That’s my Way, Lowland 16 meter

MY Diogenes, De Gier Tjalk 18 meter

MY Jakob Bart van den Hoven, Executive 1700 Mk 2

MY Olive, Van Der Heijden Yachts Explorer 24 meter

MY Colinda, Yerseke Offshore 62

MY La Fine Fleur, Bart van den Hoven Executive 1500 Mk 2

MY Gaudium Vitae, Linssen GS 500 AC VT

MY Hesanimo, Boarnstream Elegance 1360 Sedan

MY Duet, Holterman 53 Commander

MY Tinkerbelle, Aquanaut EV 1500

MY Lady Wiedwin, Boarnstream Elegance 1250 Sedan

MY Temasek, Kuster38

MY Santa Maria T, Wim van der Valk Trawler 37 meter