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The DMS Anti Rolling Gyros complete the product range of DMS Holland and meet the high quality standards that underpin the DMS proposition: to guarantee the best of the best in the field of stabilisation so time spent onboard is as carefree, comfortable and safe as possible for all with the risk of seasickness kept to a minimum. This is how we continue to deliver on our promise of being ‘ahead in stabilisation’.

Our goal is greater comfort for you!

The DMS ARG has a seamless operation. Zero speed stability is guaranteed for fast and slower yachts and suitable for all hull shapes. In addition, it is much quieter than other gyros on the market and provides optimum results more quickly.

Other key benefits:

  • All DMS ARGs are operational faster than those from other vendors
  • The huge 180-degree gimbal swing angle provides better stabilisation in higher waves
  • Easy installation (no passage through the hull)
  • Far less complex, making maintenance barely necessary.

Four types of ARG

DMS Anti Rolling Gyros are suitable for boats ranging from less than 10 tonnes to 60 tonnes and more. Check below to see which model is most suitable for your boat or contact us for further assistance.

Anti Rolling Gyro 50T - 65T - DMS Holland

DMS ARG 50T / 65T

Ideal for vessels of less than 10 tonnes operating on 12V DC batteries (ARG 50T) or AC power (ARG 65T). This powerful air-cooled unit is easy to install and combines simple operation with reliable performance.

Anti Rolling Gyro 175T - DMS Holland


The 175T is specifically designed for vessels of 10-30 tonnes with a 220-240 V power supply. Although the overall dimensions of this unit are small, it has a powerful 17,500 Nm of stabilising torque.

Anti Rolling Gyro 250T - DMS Holland


Most suitable for vessels of 30-45 tonnes operating on 220-240V power. Utilising ARG’s Advanced Rotary Damper technology, this gyro offers unrivalled performance in both large and small waves.

Anti Rolling Gyro 375T - DMS Holland


The 375T is made for vessels of 45-60 tonnes with a 220-240 V power supply. Our flagship model is the epitome of maximum performance and combines reliable design with uncomplicated installation.

Complete range of stabiliser systems

Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS) develops and produces stabilisers that offer more stability, greater comfort, less chance of seasickness and genuine safety. We have the best, most modern and advanced stabilisation solution for every kind of yacht and take care of our clients all the way through to commissioning. Other products include:

DMS MagnusMaster 

Rotor stabilisers for slower and semi-displacement yachts up to 30 metres in length.

DMS Universal 

Advanced control system for all yachts with existing fin stabilisers.

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