DMS WaveMaster

The DMS WaveMaster is based on a completely new way of thinking: maintain the bow’s position into the swell so that the boat cannot make any swinging movements.

DMS Holland is extremely proud to now bring this completely new innovation to market. Within the development department, the DMS WaveMaster has been thoroughly tested for performance, safety, usability, durability and quality. The end results are nothing short of special and it’s our pleasure to share them with you.

This new invention has of course been patented and the DMS WaveMaster is now available.

How does it work?

From the moment the boat deviates 3 to 4 degrees from the specified heading, the system automatically activates the stern thruster and the yacht is smoothly and seamlessly moved into the correct position. The stern thruster is always mounted to the transom of the yacht, making installation and maintenance simple as well as space and cost effective. The DMS WaveMaster is particularly suitable for people wishing to stay overnight at anchor, hang out between the islands off the coast of Cannes or dine al fresco on the aft deck.

WaveMaster logo

This new invention is now available. For information, please email or call +31 (0)85 2010095.

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