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DMS Universal

Advanced operating system for all yachts with existing fin stabilisers

There is also an ‘Pro’ DMS Universal version available. In addition to the zero speed function, this also features a number of other special functionalities. For more information please call 085-2010095 or email us at

The system is durable and uses readily available industrial components for if unexpected service is required.

You retain your exisiting roll dampers and only replace the operating system that goes with them.

DMS Universal servovalve

DMS Universal touchscreen

DMS Universal logo

There are countless advantages to the DMS Universal:

Huge cost savings

By retaining the existing fins and the mechanical / hydraulic part, the costs remain relatively low and you can continue with your system for years to come.

Cutting-edge control system

Benefit from smart stabilisation algorithms, an easy-to-read full-colour 5” touch screen (also in sunlight) and full integration with alarm system and navigation equipment. It also features a power pack and hydraulic sensors for the control of settings, pressure, temperature and filters.

Extra convenience

The use of industrial components keeps maintenance and service costs to a minimum. In addition, the DMS Universal is suitable for two or four fin stabilisers and the operation is extremely modern and straight forward.

Zero speed function

If you need a high-performing zero speed function, it can be added to the DMS Universal operating system.

Would you like to find out more about the DMS Universal? Send us an email directly here or call DMS Holland on +31 (0)85 2010095.