About DMS

We are helped by the feedback and knowledge that our customers share with us and we work closely with specialised companies and institutes.

Within DMS Holland we have already developed many innovations and completely new products, for which worldwide patents have also been obtained. To guarantee the quality of our products, everything is developed and built in-house.

Non-traditional thoughts and actions

With our advanced technological knowledge, a solid understanding of the market and a passion for progress, we sometimes think in non-traditional terms to find solutions that closely match the latest needs of the market. For both fast and displacement yachts, for large and small yachts and of course for all boats that are stationary or at anchor.

This includes new products with multifunctional solutions. Ones that are so innovative, that they have also been patented. A good example of this is the fully in-house developed DMS AntiRoll for superyachts, which, with its dual-axis fin stabilisers, can rotate as well as flap, thus counteracting rolling both underway and at anchor (zero speed).


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