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DMS Anti Rolling Gyro

For those who take zero speed stability seriously

The ARG completes the DMS Holland product range and meets the high quality that is central to the DMS proposition: to guarantee the best of the best in terms of stabilisation, so that everyone’s stay on board is as carefree, comfortable and safe as possible with the risk of seasickness kept to a minimum. That’s how we continue to fulfill our promise: ahead in stabilisation.

Anti Rolling Gyro 175T - DMS Holland

DMS Anti Rolling Gyro 175T

Anti Rolling Gyro 375T - DMS Holland

DMS Anti Rolling Gyro 375T

Why should you choose the DMS ARG?

Better comfort

The operation of the DMS ARG is problem-free. Zero speed stability is guaranteed for fast yachts and slow sailing yachts and is suitable for all hull shapes.
In addition, the operation is much quieter than other gyros on the market and gives optimal results faster. Another advantage is the considerably shorter ‘read-out time’. Due to the larger gimbal angle – 180 degrees instead of 120 degrees – the DMS ARG responds better to higher waves. In other words, more damping of roll movements.

High quality

The fundamental concept and construction are much more durable due to the reduced design complexity compared to other providers in the gyro market.
Smart thinking results in:

  • No penetrations through the hull; only a solid foundation needed
  • No need for water for cooling or a hydraulic system to operate fins
  • An exhaust fan only preferable in a confined space
  • Maintaining a vacuum is not necessary
  • Reduced complexity means fewer parts for maintenance or breakage
  • Air cooling has long since proven itself to be completely problem-free. The ARG has been running for years in various engine rooms of large commercial ships. It gets much hotter there than in any engine room on a yacht
  • Significantly longer service intervals that are easier to check thanks to read-outs
  • The ARG originates from the development of gyros for a space station. That high quality is incorporated in the ARG placed in your yacht<
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High-performance output

Ultimately, of course, it is about results. Comparative tests have shown that:

  • The DMS ARG is operationally faster than the alternatives available from other suppliers
  • Using a larger gimbal swing angle of 180 degrees guarantees stabilisation for longer in higher waves. This makes the torque output the highest in the market

Easy installation and low maintenance

The focus on durability, and therefore to keep maintenance requirements as low as possible, was already addressed during the design phase. That makes the shipyards’ job much easier. What else can you expect?

  • Installation is simple. There are no hull penetrations, only a solid foundation is needed
  • The relatively simple installation makes retrofitting possible
  • There is no electrical control unit resulting in far fewer malfunctions and a high level of safety
  • The bearings of the DMS ARG last up to 5x longer than those from competing brands
  • No water cooling required, meaning maintenance intervals are much longer

Better price/value ratio

Simplicity was the starting point in the design. That has resulted not only in excellent durability, but also much lower production costs for the DMS ARG. The price/performance is therefore the best in the market. In short: the more torque, the greater the price advantage compared to other providers in the market. Up to 40% cheaper!

Added value DMS

Our many years of experience as a stabilisation specialist for yachts makes DMS the ideal partner for shipyards. It puts DMS in the position to accurately select the right gyro for every roll damping need.

Would you like to find out more about the DMS Anti Rolling Gyro? Send us an email directly here or call DMS Holland on +31 (0)85 2010095.

Motorboot Sneek

DMS Holland zal ook dit jaar weer aanwezig zijn op Motorboot Sneek van 5, 6 en 7 november 2021.
U bent van harte welkom op onze stand waar we flink uitpakken met een DEMO van de succesvolle DMS MagnusMaster, een DEMO van de DMS Universal en een DEMO van de nieuwe DMS Anti Rolling Gyro die zero speed stabiliteit garandeert.
Graag informeren wij u over alle mogelijkheden voor uw motorjacht. Wellicht wilt u een afspraak maken. Stuur dan een mail naar of bel rechtstreeks naar 085-2010095
We hopen u te zien op de locatie van De Valk Yachtbrokers aan de Zwolsmanweg 7 8606 KC Sneek.