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    Dynamic Marine Systems B.V.

    Office & Showroom
    Uitingstraat 20b
    5331 EJ Kerkdriel
    The Netherlands 

    Tel: +31 (0) 85 201 00 95 

    COC: 56665857
    VAT Nr: NL852246869B01

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    Theo Hoen

    More than 25 years of experience in senior management positions. Knows better than anyone what it is to shape and lead a company. Also an avid cyclist.

    Arnold van Aken
    Director Research & Development

    DMS’s technical brains. Raised in an innovative entrepreneurial family, and above all, a hands-on go-getter. Developed, built, commissioned and delivered multiple machines and projects; often challenging, always successful. Actually boats aren’t his thing, but he is the co-owner of DMS Holland.

    Patrick Noor 
    Director Sales & Marketing

    Passionate about yachting and never short of words. He brings customers, colleagues and neighbours into the world of stabilisers with infectious enthusiasm. His ultimate goal is to circumnavigate the world with his wife. On the condition that the yacht is equipped with stabilisers, otherwise his wife won’t go with him.

    Ruud Clerkx 
    Customer Service

    From beer to coffee, caravans to office furnishings, and finally ending up in stabilisers. It might have been a long journey but in the end, it is only about one thing for Ruud; if the customer is happy, so is he.

    Rens van Hal
    Project Engineer

    A recent, permanent fixture of the DMS team. Previously employed by the military as an omniscient helicopter technician. Later moved on to DMS to use all his experience, talent, knowledge and skills for the perfect stabilisation of yachts. And with that, comfort on board too. Also honest and ingenious.

    Lonne van den Kieboom 
    Project Engineer

    Meticulous, friendly and with technical insight, she doesn’t shy away from a sea trial or installation. Previously a Maritime Officer in the commercial marine sector, she brings on-water experience.

    Ankie Popken
    Office Manager

    Administration, invoices, accounting; Ankie is DMS Holland’s numbers whizz kid. A financial hawk eye, pro in Excel and true to her word. With her well-balanced stability, she’s been the foundation of all things money since 2015.

    Ron Kunz
    Mechanical Engineer Research & Development

    Happiest when creating. Experienced in FEM, CFD and analytical calculations. Also has a preference for the Scandinavian countries.

    Jaap Brokking
    Business Developer

    Overflowing with enthusiasm for everything. Is quickly interested in new ideas, opportunities, technologies, people and markets. Perfectly suited to his role as Business Developer. Alongside making professional plans, Jaap also likes to make recreational plans.

    Wim van Ieperen

    Getting the most out of product performance and operational optimisation. Concepts that drive Wim. The experience of a flawlessly working product which offers value for money: that is central.

    Frans Faber 
    Supply Chain & Assembly

    30 years of experience at home and abroad. And yet different and challenging every time. Ultimately, the supply chain revolves around people and their trust in each other. Involved in DMS since 2020. And as a water sports enthusiast, that feels good in heart and soul.

    Motorboot Sneek

    DMS Holland zal ook dit jaar weer aanwezig zijn op Motorboot Sneek van 5, 6 en 7 november 2021.
    U bent van harte welkom op onze stand waar we flink uitpakken met een DEMO van de succesvolle DMS MagnusMaster, een DEMO van de DMS Universal en een DEMO van de nieuwe DMS Anti Rolling Gyro die zero speed stabiliteit garandeert.
    Graag informeren wij u over alle mogelijkheden voor uw motorjacht. Wellicht wilt u een afspraak maken. Stuur dan een mail naar of bel rechtstreeks naar 085-2010095
    We hopen u te zien op de locatie van De Valk Yachtbrokers aan de Zwolsmanweg 7 8606 KC Sneek.