Last year, the owner of this Valk Merlin 1440 experienced something truly terrible. As a result of a short circuit on board, his beautiful MY Liberty went up in flames. The vessel has since, under the guidance of Jachtservice Wierdsma from Franeker, undergone extensive work and is now being rebuilt. The owner has selected Jachtservice Wierdsma based on their extensive knowledge of and experience with Valk yachts. The hull is now ready and the installation will get underway. The vessel had previously been equipped with a fin stabilisation system, however this time round, the MagnusMaster rotor system from DMS Holland has been chosen. The main reason: no more issues with the disruptive steering effect that you experience with fins. The further advantages of using this system, namely being very quiet and having retractable rotors, are what ultimately determined the final choice. Jachtservice Wierdsma is very enthusiastic about the installation of, what is for them, their first MagnusMaster.

Jachtwerf Wierdsma