Unfortunately, the once established name from Sneek has not existed for some time now. Fortunately, however, the many beautiful sturdy Stentor ships that were built do of course live on. For example, this beautiful 21.5 metre luxury motor boat called Morgenstond, designed by Vripack and built in 2006. Due to its high initial stability and its weight of more than 60 tonnes, and even more so because of its draft of 110 cm which needed to be preserved, Mr. and Mrs. Drent (still the original owners) decided, at the time, not to purchase a fin stabilisation system despite comfort being extremely important to them. “Some 12 years on and finally there is a stabilisation system we trust in for our boat. We had been following DMS Holland closely since 2013 and read many enthusiastic stories from their customers and about the performance of the system. We tend not to be the sort of people who just jump straight in when it comes to making such a big investment in our boat, so we took our time. We keep our boat very up to date. Last year, we also purchased spud poles which already went some way to adding value in terms of comfort on board of Morgenstond. In mid-May we will pick up our boat from Moonen Shipyards in Den Bosch where the MagnusMaster stabilisation system is being installed. It’s only natural of course, that despite all of our long and in-depth preliminary research, we are still very curious about the end results. That said, we are looking forward opting for bigger trips out on the sea again. Maybe I will even get as far persuading my wife to fulfil my life-long wish, although for now, that remains our secret”, says Chris Drent. To be continued.