On Wednesday 23rd May DMS Holland received a phone call. Aad and Ria Trompert, owners of MY Tiberius, called to enquire about the possibilities of a retrofitting a MagnusMaster system in Sweden. That very same day the owners received a detailed proposal. Less than a day later, DMS Holland received the order to deliver the system. On Thursday 14th June, DMS Holland’s co-owner Patrick Noor will fly to Stockholm to look, together with the owners, for a shipyard to install the system under the guidance of DMS Holland. Below you will find an email, photo and video sent in by Aad and Ria Trompert.w

Tiberius stable,

Our first experience on the Baltic was with our fast ONJ 10.20.
Those experiences were however, always short-lived because we often had to get back to work. Now that we no longer need to do that so much anymore, we decided to design a boat for ourselves and to live on it. That way we can stay in Scandinavia for much longer and even maybe also explore other parts of Europe. Our houseboat was built to our complete satisfaction by the people of Pollard Jachtbouw in Steenwijk.

After the boat was finished last July, we made the ‘maiden trip’ with Tiberius in the Netherlands and spent the winter in Hoorn. This year, since April, we have been underway again heading to the Stockholm archipelago via the German canals and the Baltic Sea. That’s what we have had Tiberius built for. For the first time, we experienced what it is like to sail with a displacement vessel on the Baltic Sea. Luckily most of the time there has not been a lot of wind but we do not like the swell which is usually beam on to the ship due to the constant easterly wind. On occasions, when the wind has picked up, we have found it so dangerous that we decided we needed to find a solution. Everything just goes flying through the boat and Ria is scared.

We looked at fitting a mizzen sail like the ones you find on the Danish fishing boats and I have even designed one. But we decided against it as it involves a lot of hassle and can be dangerous if the wind suddenly picks up. A Seakeeper Stabiliser was also not an option as it is far too big to install on our vessel. We do not have the space.
And that’s actually how we ended up with the DMS Holland MagnusMaster stabilisers, because they do not take up much space. We have also heard from Dick Boon, the well-known yacht designer, that this system works really well, especially on a displacement vessel. He himself has had two, on the advice of his engineers, installed on his boat in Turkey.

At the moment, DMS Holland is doing everything they can to have the stabilisers installed here in Sweden. They are looking for a yard that is able to do that under their supervision. That way we will be able to safely sail back to the Netherlands with stability.

Aad and Ria Trompert