Last week, in Heusden marina, MY Olive, a beautiful 24 metre explorer yacht built and delivered by Van Der Heijden Yachts from Waalwijk, was christened. This private yacht, owned by a famous TV presenter, is registered in Avatiu – Cook Islands and is equipped with the MagnusMaster stabilisation system. MY Olive is a sturdy steel vessel, and thanks to the DMS Holland system, is set to sail the world’s oceans. After a long but very beautiful trip through the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, Galapagos Islands and the French Polynesian islands, the vessel will be heading to New Zealand via her home port on the Cook Islands with Auckland as their final destination. “I was very pleasantly surprised to see what two of those small tubes could actually do to a boat of no less than 88 tonnes. The power has to be enormous and it’s incredible how quickly the system reacts when it is switched on and the rotors have to do their job”, says Ronald van der Heijden, owner of the yard that gave the message to DMS Holland that they really are on to a winner here. To follow MY Olive and her journey, more information can be found via the website: