Since the brothers Marcel and Sander Jetten sold their yard last year, Jetten Yacht Support has been founded. The name says it all; the company will mainly focus on providing service and support to luxury yachts. Alonsgide that, there is an increasing growth in refit work and the expansion and/or replacement with ‘up to date’ equipment on board. From the outset, the sale and installation of MagnusMaster stabilisers will also be used for that very purpose. “This product ideally lends itself to our goal and the associated work. The system is relatively simple to retrofit into an existing yacht. You can always find a space for it and no hydraulics are needed”, explains Marcel Jetten. “We have already successfully equipped and sailed on one ship with a MagnusMaster system that we have installed. The end result was a very satisfied customer. And that’s a great sign”, says Sander Jetten, who mainly deals with the technical aspects of Jetten Yacht Support. “If people want to go on a sea trial with the system first, they can also come to us for this. There are already a lot of vessels using the MagnusMaster stabilisation system, but we can imagine, that before you commit to an investment of this kind on your own boat, you would like to see how it works”, says Marcel. Jetten Yacht Support works with all different brands of vessels, not only in steel but also aluminium and polyester.