The new classic-lined steel motor yacht of 21.6 meters is something new! This boat, built in collaboration with Trimm Design, was designed for a client who not only wants to make trips on open water but also wants to discover European inland waters. With an air draft of less than 3.45 metres, the ship is ideally suitable for the French canals. This was also a driving force behind the yard’s, customer’s and designer’s decision to select the MagnusMaster stabilisers. “These stabilisers are collapsible meaning the boat does not have to first go out and then back in the water again for the owner to go through the French canals. In the past, we had to deliver de-mountable fins for a customer for this very purpose. Furthermore of course, the fact that the DMS system is electrical and that naturally, that fits better with a hybrid motor yacht is clear”, says Robbert Holterman. The motor yacht is equipped with a unique hybrid propulsion which consists of an electric drive of 130 KW with a substantial Lithium Ion battery pack so that the boat is able to sail electrically for at least five hours at a speed of about twelve km/hour. The boat’s 130 KW diesel generator will take care of charging the batteries. The comfort on board is therefore of a very high level.