Following the creation of DMS Germany earlier this year, the opportunity has since arisen to further roll out the MagnusMaster rotor stabilisation system in Germany. During the Hanseboot Ancora Show, from 25th to 27th May, DMS Germany will be making an appearance in Hall 1 at stand number 10. However, Hall 1 won’t be the only location where the MagnusMaster system will be on display to the many German visitors who attend this show. The innovative and well developed rotor system, which is now already being used by a great number of satisfied German customers, will also be on show at Quay U, berth number 25. It is there that visitors will find the Boarncruiser 1500 Elegance which was built in 2017 by the yard in Jirnsum and is equipped with the MagnusMaster stabilisation system. Together with the shipyard and the vessel’s owner, DMS Holland has made arrangements so that interested parties and potential customers will be able to plan a sea trial for after the show on board of this beautiful vessel. Once the show has come to an end they will be able to experience for themselves just how the MagnusMaster system works and what effect it has on the onboard comfort.