During Boot Düsseldorf, Serious Yachts, in cooperation with Jachthaven De Kranerweerd from Zwartsluis, exhibited their beautiful Brightly 1530 on which visitors could actually see what the MagnusMaster system does under the vessel. It didn’t take long for the teams from Serious Yachts and De Kranerweerd to discover that these DMS Holland stabilisers attracted a lot of attention. Visitors were not only enthusiastic about using them on newbuilds, but there was also a lot of demand for retro-fitting the system. It is for those reasons exactly that De Kranerweerd decided to actively approach their potential customers. “There was a time when we could barely keep up with the demand to retro-fit bow and/or stern thrusters. Nowadays, we see that these are often installed as standard on many newbuilds. The demand in retro-fitting now seems to have moved onto that of stabilisers. The MagnusMaster is a very compact and therefore easy to retro-fit system. This is just one of the reasons why the decision to approach the market with them was so easy for us”, says Han Tybout of De Kranerweerd.