The first MagnusMaster stabilisation system for a Bruijs Spiegelkotter was sold during Boot Holland in Leeuwarden. The Dutch owners of this sturdy, 13.5 metre long, open cockpit vessel are ex-sailors and have seen a lot of the world with their sailing boat. Having already cruised a lot with their motor boat in the Netherlands, they are planning to once again head further afield. The first trip this year will take place in April, heading inland to France. Ultimately, the intention is to head towards the Channel Islands, via the French coast. At the beginning of April, the MagnusMaster 2 rotor system will be installed on the vessel at Moonen Shipyards in Den Bosch. From mid-April onwards you will be able to follow the Brandenburg Family and their journey on social media. They are looking forward to the upcoming trip which they can now embark upon without any worries about going out on the sea.
“After 6 years of sailing on the Mediterranean Sea with our sailing yacht, we were quite used to it. It was all very second nature for my wife but now, on a motorboat without a mast and with nothing underneath, it is a different matter. When we want to sail on the IJsselmeer at Christmas and on the Wadden Sea to go to Terschelling for example. Then it becomes tiresome, always having to catch the oil lamp, the coffee cups and even the Christmas tree once we start rolling. Even I have already fallen from the wheelhouse platform. That’s when we thought, there has to be a different way to do this. After comparing various different systems, we came across DMS Holland who have developed a solid, fantastic working stabilisation system based on the Magnus principle. Patrick Noor has absolutely ‘got us on board’ in his own way. Even my brother-in-law, who has a traditional fin stabilisation system on his yacht, was particularly impressed by the powerful performance of the MagnusMaster stabiliser. In April we’ll finally there – that’s when we “get” them! I can hardly wait!” Says Willem Brandenburg, owner of the robust Bruijs Spiegelkotter.