More and more customers are making their way to DMS Holland. Amongst them, the owner of a soon-to-be-delivered beautiful Van Den Hoven Executive 1500 mk 2. The owner of the yacht opted for this system following his visit to the DMS Holland showroom in Den Bosch and the subsequent sea trial in Hindeloopen.

Following the good experiences that Bart van den Hoven has had so far both personally with Patrick Noor and the MagnusMaster system itself, preparations are now underway to include the system as standard in the specifications of their latest models. These new models are set to gain a lot of media attention thanks to two sea trials which have been arranged by Bart van den Hoven including one for the magazine ‘Motorboot’.

“I have been doing business with Patrick Noor for years. Now that Patrick, together with Arnold van Aken, has his own company I have every confidence that the products are good and furthermore, that the after sales will be well organised. That’s why I chose the MagnusMaster system.” comments Bart van den Hoven, owner Van Den Hoven Jachtbouw.