On Monday 28th August Jetten Shipyards ordered a 2 rotor MagnusMaster system for an existing MPC-50. By the Friday of that very same week, the welding buses had already been delivered, put in place and welded. The week after, on Thursday 7th September, the system was delivered ready for installation the next day. No more than a few days later, on Wednesday 13th September, the complete system was connected electrically ready to be commissioned and be able to undergo a sea trial with the shipyard and customer the day after. We wish this customer an unbelievable amount of sailing pleasure! “I’m going to be taking my wife to England by sea for the first time and I did not want to ruin both mine and her enjoyment for the future. It has not been a cheap option for our pleasure craft but ultimately that is what it should remain of course – a pleasure craft,” explains the proud owner of this MPC-50.