Have you already visited this year’s Hiswa-in-Water show? Then there is a chance that you have already noticed that this time round, DMS Holland is following a completely different course.

This year we do not have a manned-stand with a demonstration model of a roll damping system on display. Instead we have an interactive presentation wall on which the logos of the shipyards to which DMS Holland supplies the MagnusMaster system and a film with testimonials can be seen.

Patrick Noor explains: “We want to show the visitors that we are proud to be delivering the MagnusMaster stabilisation system to more than 20 shipyards in the Netherlands alone. And then to the full satisfaction of both the yard and the end customer. In highlighting the close cooperation that we have with the yards, we want to emphasise and strengthen our position as the ‘preferred supplier’.”

In addition to the presentation wall which can found at stand K-100 F, MagnusMaster is also being promoted 10 exhibiting shipyards. In support of this, DMS Holland has provided them with, in addition to personalised brochure material in two languages, a MagnusMaster / DMS Holland banner with an image of one of their yachts and the logo of the respective yard. Furthermore, no less than 6 of the demonstration vessels at the show are equipped with a MagnusMaster roll damping system.

And of course, don’t think for one moment that Patrick Noor won’t be at the show himself. “DMS Holland is coming to you this Hiswa” is the motto. For visitors who are interested in the MagnusMaster system, he is mobile and available. He will then come to meet you personally wherever you are at the show to provide brochure information and further details.