Following a very successful Hiswa-In-Water show where no less than two Boarnstream ships were on display, the Elegance 1500 – CS and the 1360 Elegance – Sedan, MagnusMaster sales are moving full speed ahead. During the show itself and then again less than two weeks later, they sold two systems for DMS Holland. The first was for their smallest vessel ever to be fitted with stabilisers, namely the BC 1250 Elegance – Sedan. For this vessel a MagnusMaster 1 rotor system was sold. The second sale was for a retrofit on anThe shipyard certainly recognises the potential available as a yard in taking care of the retrofit of MagnusMasters for their now very large client base. “There are still so many vessels without a stabilisation system. With this system, in addition to it being very flexible in terms of installation, we do not need to expand or install a hydraulic system as the MagnusMaster operates electrically,” comments owner Wies Hokwerda.