DMS Holland invited to event for ‘Máxima – izing” growth

Due to a somewhat overconfident ski maneuver, Patrick Noor did have to dose up on painkillers but that was a price he was willing to pay. For, as the owner and Sales & Marketing Director of DMS Holland together with Arnold van Aken, co-owner / Director of Engineering, he was invited to the ‘kick-off’ of “NLGroeit” (NL Grows) which took place on Wednesday 13th January.

NLGroeit is the platform made up of and for businesses with ambitions to grow and who want to help each other to achieve growth. The aim of the platform is to inspire entrepreneurs as well as enable and facilitate business growth. The platform is also intended for those parties that support businesses in growth and excelling.

Following an initiative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ‘NLevator’ (an organization made up of and for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business) and the Chamber of Commerce, the event for growing businesses took place in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. A select group of emerging entrepreneurs from small and medium sized business were invited. DMS Holland was one of them.

As a member of the Dutch Committee for Business and Finance, Her Majesty Queen Máxima gave a short speech to get the launch of NLGroeit off the ground.
Patrick Noor: “When you see how relatively young DMS Holland in fact is, then I think we can indeed be proud to have been invited to this launch.”
Arnold van Aken: “However what really is so important is the fact that we, as a growing company, are able to rely on facilities and support for the responsible development of our business.”
And both men agree: “Let’s be honest, it is of course interesting to meet Queen Máxima face to face. Even if it was only a quick greeting through the crowds.”
“I will just have to hold back on that offer regarding fitting stabilizers to the ‘Groene Draeck’, the boat belonging to Princess Beatrix.” said Patrick Noor.
A conversation was had with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and with the former Prime Minister Balkenende who seemed particularly impressed with our ‘AntiRoll green’ ties.
This was incidentally the second invitation that DMS Holland has received from the government. Previously, Patrick Noor and Arnold van Aken have also been invited to a New Year’s reception hosted by Wim van de Donk, the King’s Commissioner for the province of North Brabant.
Patrick Noor: “These are valuable gatherings. You can enter in to conversations in a relatively informal atmosphere, conversations that you otherwise never achieve just like that. For example, we talked to Jack de Vries. De Vries is a former State Secretary for Defense and therefore we ‘shot straight across the bow’ on the possible placement of stabilizers on naval vessels.”
Arnold van Aken: “And we spoke with Bert Pauli, Deputy for Noord-Brabant for Economy, Innovation and Internationalization. We had previously already talked to Bart Pauli when we had been invited to the County Hall because we had won the Shell LiveWIRE Rising Star, which stemmed from the SME top one hundred companies in the Netherlands in 2015. Mr. Pauli’s portfolio actually covers and brings together all the areas we as DMS Holland like to deal with. It was therefore really encouraging to see that this Deputy appeared well aware of the activities of our company. And he pledged his support once more in the development of DMS Holland.”
For football enthusiast Patrick Noor there was still one more special meeting that took place. And that was with Hans van Breukelen, former goalkeeper of the Dutch national team and winner of the 1988 European Championships. Patrick Noor: “Of course I see him as a great sportsman. One of the heroes who became European Champion in 1988. But where Hans van Breukelen also excels is in that he can translate and relate his personal and team achievements to people and organizations. If at all possible, I’d like to invite him as a speaker at some point to a DMS meeting.”

All in all, DMS Holland has experienced a ‘royal’ start to the new year. An inspiring prelude to get 2016 underway full of enthusiasm.

  • Koningin-Maxima-NL-Groeit
    Her Majesty Queen Máxima launches nlgroeit!
  • Premier-Rutte-NL-Groeit
    Prime Minister Mark Rutte
  • NL-Groeit-Balkenende-en-DMS-2
    Former Prime Minister Balkenende impressed with our ‘AntiRoll green’ ties.
  • Mevr.-Neelie-Kroes-NL-Groeit
    Mrs. Kroes of Startupdelta.
  • Nieuwjaarsreceptie-provincie-Brabant-AvA-en-PN-2
    Discussion with Wim van de Donk, the King’s Commissioner for the province of North Brabant.
  • Nieuwjaarsreceptie-provincie-Brabant-2
    New Year’s reception with Jack de Vries former State Secretary for Defense.